Nantwich Weather is located - W 02° 30' 58" 138 ft in the market town of Nantwich, Cheshire, United Kingdom.
Nantwich Weather Forecast:
Temperature Low High
Station Forecast  °C Today  °C  °C
 °C/hr Yesterday 4.4 °C 11.4 °C
feels like  °C This Month 4.2 °C 5.1 °C
Dew Point  °C This Year -3.7 °C 16.2 °C
Pressure Low High
 hPa Today  hPa  hPa
 hPa/hr Yesterday 991.74 hPa 1018.08 hPa
Trend:  Rising This Month 1018.05 hPa 1021.98 hPa
Cloudbase 1362 ft This Year 973.59 hPa 1042.06 hPa
Rainfall Total
 mm/hr Yesterday  mm
Humidity % This Month  mm
Wetbulb 3.2 °C This Year  mm
Wind Gust High
Today  mph
 mph Yesterday 25.0 mph
Gust  mph This Month 22.5 mph
Wind Run  miles This Year 32.5 mph Forecast meteogram forecast for Nantwich
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