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7.6°C NNW
Temp Trend: Colder 0.5°C than last hour. Gust: 1.3 mph
Feels Like: 8°C Pressure: 1018.76 hPa
Dew Point: 5.1°C Decreased 0.6°C since last hour. Trend: Rising slowly
Humidity: 84 %   Rain Today: 1.0 mm
UV Forecast: 0.5 Rain mm/hr: 0.0 mm
Updated:  23/11/2014 15:30 - next update at 15:35   This info is updated every 10 secs

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Nantwich cloud height'base Sun Wet & Dry Days
Sunrise 07:48 hrs Sunset 16:05 hrs Consecutive Rain 3 days
Dawn 07:08 hrs Dusk 16:44 hrs Consecutive Dry 0 days
Moon Day Lengths
Moonrise 08:29 hrs Moonset 17:13 hrs Length of day 08:17 hrs
Age 1 days Visible 2 % Daylight Length 09:36 hrs
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Weather station Status
Packets received  15783
Missed data packets  36
Packets with CRC errors  17
Resynchs with the transmitter  0
Console battery Level  4.54v
Transmitter battery level  ok
Weather Station data status Weather Forecast for Nantwich
Partly cloudy Clear Clear Fog Lightly cloudy Partly cloudy Fog Fog
Partly cloudy Clear Clear Fog Lightly cloudy Partly cloudy Fog Fog
0.1-0.5 mm - - - - - - 0-0.1 mm

NW-4 mph

SW-6 mph

SW-6 mph

SW-6 mph

S-6 mph

S-7 mph

S-5 mph

S-3 mph
Today High 10.7°C at 13:27 Today Low 6.9°C at 08:09
Yesterday High 14.6°C at 14:15 Yesterday Low 7.9°C at 00:16
Month High 15.6°C on 01 November Month Low 0.3°C on 05 November
Year High 29.3°C on 22 July Year Low -2.2°C on 24 March
Wind Chill
Today Low 6.0°C at 08:09 Yesterday Low 5.8°C at 00:16
Month Low -1.7°C on 05 November Year Low -4.6°C on 24 March
Today High 10.2°C at 13:27 Yesterday High 14.5°C at 12:57
Month High 16.1°C on 01 November Year High 31.5°C on 22 July
Total rainfall today 1.0mm Today's high hourly rain 0.6mm/h at 04:41
Rainfall Yesterday 0.2mm Rainfall This Month 54.2mm
Rainfall Yearly Total 699.8mm Years high rainfall rate 180.0mm/h on 06 July
Wind Gust Highs
Today 5.0mph at 13:27 Yesterday 13.8mph at 00:00
Month 26.3mph on 13 November Year 29.6mph on 09 October
Wind Run Today 0.2 miles Wind Run Yesterday 27.0 miles
Pressure Lows
Today 1016.19hPa at 00:01 Month 984.56hPa on 07 November
Yesterday 1007.96hPa at 05:34 Year 978.81hPa on 02 March
Pressure Highs
Today 1018.76hPa at 15:24 Month 1026.28hPa on 20 November
Yesterday 1016.70hPa at 23:31 Year 1037.36hPa on 11 March
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